Specialty Diet Menus

This is how we define our different specialty diet menus. You can filter our meals by diet at the drop-down at the top of the menu page.

Diabetes-Friendly Menu

Meals containing 75g or less of carbohydrate

Heart-Friendly Menu

Meals containing 800mg or less of sodium, and less than 30% of daily fat based on a 2000 calorie diet

Lower Sodium Menu

Meals containing 600mg or less of sodium

Renal-Friendly Menu

Meals containing less than 700mg of sodium, less than 833mg of potassium, and less than 330mg of phosphorus

Vegetarian/Plant Based Menu

Vegetarian meals contain no meat or animal proteins. Plant based meals contain no meat, animal proteins, or dairy products

Gluten Free Menu

Meals with no gluten containing ingredients. Made in the same facility as wheat containing foods