Food Safety

Food Safety Is Our Top Priority

Eat Fit Go's meals are made in our company owned kitchen in Omaha, Nebraska.  Our facility is under USDA inspection and follows the strictest Good Manufacturing Procedures and Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures developed by our food safety team in conjunction with leading university specialists.   

Vacuum Packaging

Our home shipped meals are produced in our vacuum packaging.  This allows the meals to have a shelf life of 14 days after production.  Each menu item produced in vacuum packaging gets lab tested to ensure product safety throughout the shelf life stamped on the cardboard sleeve of the meal. 

Vacuum sealing preserves food by slowing the growth of bacteria naturally found on food. Vacuum sealing deprives your food of oxygen, most bacteria cannot grow without oxygen.

The vacuum packaging is also designed to steam heat your meals locking in moisture and providing even cooking. 

Freezing Meals

Although our meals are designed to be eaten fresh, you can freeze them prior to the "use by" date.  Reheat from frozen, without thawing, confirming that the food has reached 165 degrees.