Are you making these breakfast mistakes?

Are you making these breakfast mistakes?

Mornings are hard. Forcing yourself out of your blanket cocoon is difficult enough, which is why breakfast can often take the backseat. If a drive thru donut run seems the only plausible option, it’s time to figure out other breakfast options. A healthy breakfast gets your body moving and powers your morning, while a McMuffin can turn your metabolism against you. Are you setting yourself up to take on your day, or are you making these common breakfast mistakes?

1. Sodium Overload

Starting your day with a stomach full of salt signals your body to retain water and increase thirst in an attempt to flush out extra sodium. Even though an egg white and spinach breakfast sandwich might sound like the better alternative to biscuits and gravy, some versions can have up to half your day’s worth of sodium. If you’re pairing your salty sandwich with a cup of joe, you’re in for a world of hurt come mid afternoon. Caffeine has been shown to increase urination, leading to dehydration. Instead of reaching for the everything bagel, opt for healthy breakfast options like lean ground turkey, paired with egg whites and fresh toppings like peppers, pico or a sprinkle of shredded cheese.


2. Sugar Shock

Beginning your morning with rapid blood sugar spikes sets you up for a roller coaster all day long. Oatmeal is a great way to start your day, providing a hearty dose of fiber. Before you grab the first oatmeal you see, double-check the nutrition facts. Even if you’re going for a seemingly healthy option like apple or cinnamon flavor, these can have 15-20g of added sugar!

Without pairing carbs with a protein or fat, those hanger pains will hit you mid-morning. You may think you’re making the better choice to opt for an orange or banana to quickly get out the door, but pair that with a hard boiled egg or some 100% whole wheat toast and peanut butter for a satiating, healthy breakfast to last you till lunch.


3. Adding Cals to Your Coffee

Coffee itself has been shown to aid in kickstarting the metabolism and weight loss, but adding cream and sugar can quickly lead to packing on the pounds. If you’re a die-hard coffee junkie, be mindful of those creamer calories that can quickly add up. When we give our body certain nutrients it tends to continue to crave them. Starting your day with a sugar shock leads to intense sugar cravings throughout the rest of the day, making those breakroom donuts nearly impossible to pass up.


4. Skipping Breakfast

Breakfast is a great way to kickstart your metabolism after your 6-8 hour nighttime fast. If you’re a zombie by mid morning, try incorporating a balanced, higher protein meal in the mornings. Instead of falling into the snooze, sleep, snooze trap, which causes hormones to go haywire, set your alarm a little later and get up right as it goes off.

On the other hand, some people feel better staying in a fasted state throughout the morning. Rather than eating just because a Dietitian told you to, listen to your body, take note of hunger signals and eat when you’re about a 6-7 on the hunger scale – just below the hangry level.


Pair these healthy breakfast tips with our tips to have a chill morning and you’re set to dominate your day.


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